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Traffic Violations in Nevada

Being issued a traffic ticket or citation in Nevada is both costly and upsetting. With is not a traffic violation, you face fines, time in court, and possibly even jail time. You may also have to deal with a possible license suspension, demerit points, traffic school, and higher insurances rates. Traffic tickets on your record can be used to deny you certain types of civil litigation and can affect your eligibility for a variety of jobs. To top it all off, if you forget to or don’t pay the associated fines, a bench warrant could eventually be issued for your arrest.

If you or someone you know has been cited for a traffic violation in Nevada, you need to seek the services of a respected, qualified traffic violation attorney as quickly as possible.   In many cases, those who hire legal representation have a higher chance of success and do not have to personally appear in court which is vital if you work traditional business hours or, as so often happens in Nevada, you live out of state. The lawyers at Law Office of Kevin R. Hansen are familiar with the legal systems at play and may be able to have your charges reduced or possibly even dropped altogether.

Common Nevada Traffic Violations and Their Penalties

Unlike most other states, Nevada treats even the smallest of traffic violations as a misdemeanor. One of the most frequent traffic violations that are issued in Las Vegas, Nevada involve drivers texting or otherwise using their cell phones while they are behind the wheel. This practice is known as distracted driving and causes approximately 1.6 million car crashes each year nationwide. On average, one out of every four car accidents in Nevada is related to cell phone use. The first time you violate this law, you receive a fine of $50, but the act is not treated as a moving violation. Subsequent violations carry steeper fines and harsher penalties. For the best outcome in your case, you should hire a Nevada traffic ticket attorney from Law Office of Kevin R. Hansen right away.

Some other common Las Vegas, Nevada traffic violations and their penalties include:

  • Aggressive Driving – Creating an unreasonable hazard to others on the road is a criminal misdemeanor that can lead to six months in jail and a fine of up to $1000
  • Reckless Driving – Operating your vehicle in a manner that displays a blatant disregard for other drivers on the road is a misdemeanor that can lead to six months in jail, a fine of up to $1000, and license restrictions.
  • Speeding – Driving over the legally posted speed limit carries different fines and penalties depending on how far over the speed limit you were going and in what type of area you were driving such as a neighborhood, school zone, or highway.

Failure to pay your traffic citation on time could lead to additional fines and even the suspension of your driver’s license.

When Is A Nevada Police Officer Allowed to Pull You Over in Las Vegas?

For a traffic stop to be legitimate, the police officer must have probable cause to pull your vehicle over. In other words, the police officer must have witnessed a traffic violation or the commission of a crime on the part of the driver or a passenger. However, if the officer mistakingly believes he saw a traffic violation or a crime, then he is still within his rights to pull the vehicle over.

Are There Any Legal Defenses for Speeding in Nevada?

If you have received a ticket for speeding, you may be able to dispute the charge by claiming that you were not going as fast as the police officer says you were. You and your traffic violation attorney can pursue this argument in two ways. The first is by challenging the police officer’s perception, and the second is by challenging the accuracy of the speed measuring device that was used.

Challenging the perception of the accusing police officer means that he determined your speed by pacing or by sight alone. If he was pacing you, that means he got a sense of how fast you were driving by driving next to or behind you on the road and matching your speed. Judgment by sight means that the officer was parked or otherwise at a standstill and made an educated guess as to how fast you might have been going. The driver might be able to prove that the officer could not see their vehicle clearly or had an obstructed line of sight that impaired their speed assessment. In other cases, you might be able to questions the police officer’s training, abilities, or attention to detail.

Challenging the device accuracy means that the driver’s speed was clocked using either a laser or a radar gun. Both of these tools are considered to be far more accurate than any officer’s estimate of a driver’s speed. However, as precise as this equipment is, it is not infallible. In court, your lawyer may argue that the maintenance and calibration of the device was not done or was not done properly. The officer’s certification on the proper way to use the equipment could also be called into question. Lastly, there is always the possibility of a false reading. In this event, the driver may attempt to assert that the officer inadvertently clocked a different vehicle that was very near the accused driver.

I Have Already Received a Traffic Ticket in Las Vegas, Nevada

If you have already received a traffic ticket for your violation, you have three options in regards to how you want to move forward:

  • Accept the Traffic Ticket- If you are comfortable paying the full stated fine on the ticket, accepting a guilty plea entered by the court, accepting all demerit points that come with your specific violation, a potential increase in your car insurance rates and the possibility of having to attend traffic school then you can pay the fine and move on.
  • Fight the Ticket Yourself – You are allowed to represent yourself in traffic court should you choose to do so. This option is an investment in both your time and your money. You will have to miss work and spend time driving to court, looking for parking, waiting in line, filling out forms, waiting in line again, and appearing before a judge. Without previous experience navigating the ins and outs of traffic court, you may still end up facing the same fines, points, and penalties at the end of your trial.
  • Hire an Experienced Traffic Ticket Attorney – When you hire an attorney to fight your traffic ticket for you, you do not need to miss work to appear in court. You also have the best chance at paying no fine or a severely reduced one, earning no demerit points on your license, not having to attend traffic school, and not having your insurance rates increase.
  • Experienced Las Vegas Traffic Violation Lawyer

If you have been cited for any traffic violation in Las Vegas, Nevada, then you need a trustworthy, determined attorney fighting for you. Let The Law Office of Kevin R. Hansen take the burden of your traffic violation off your shoulders as we use our decades of experience to get you the best possible outcome. If you would be interested in a free consultation with one of our traffic ticket attorneys, then please give The Law Office of Kevin R. Hansen a call today at (702) 478-7777.