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Auto Accidents Attorneys in Las Vegas, Nevada

Anytime someone gets behind the wheel of a car, they are at risk of becoming involved in a car accident. Drivers in the Las Vegas, Nevada area are no exception to this rule. While even the most implausible of scenarios could potentially take place on the road, some automobile accident scenarios are far more common than others. If you have been injured in any type of car accident in Nevada, you need to speak with a qualified car accident attorney from the Law Office of Kevin R. Hansen as soon as you can.

Common Causes of Nevada Car Accidents

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is a fairly broad term that can encompass anything from eating while driving to trying to change the song on the radio. By and large, however, it refers to the use of cell phones in any hands-on capacity while you are behind the wheel of a car. It has been against Nevada state law since 2011 to use a cell phone while driving unless it is connected to a hands-free device. There are three types of distracted driving; visual, manual, and cognitive. Visual distraction is where the driver has taken their eyes off of the road. Manual distraction occurs when the driver has removed their hands from the steering wheel. Cognitive distraction is when the driver does not have their mind on the car, the road, or their surroundings. The reason that cell phone use is far more dangerous than other distractions is that the use of a cell phone for calling, texting, or sending emails requires the driver to engage in all three types of distracted driving at one time.

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Drunk Driving

Every year, approximately 31% of all traffic fatalities are caused by someone who was driving under the influence. In the state of Nevada, driving under the influence means that your blood alcohol levels were over the legally approved limit at the time of the accident. Under state law, the driver of a commercial vehicle cannot have a blood alcohol level greater than .04% and the driver of a private vehicle cannot have a blood-alcohol level greater than .08%. By operating a motor vehicle on any road in Nevada you are giving your consent to take a blood-alcohol test if asked to do so by law enforcement. Refusing to do so may result in an arrest. In 2012, 76 of the total people arrested for drunk driving were under the legal drinking age of 21 and each year, on average, over 10,000 drivers in Nevada are arrested for driving under the influence. If you or someone you care for has been injured in a car accident with a drunk driver, you have every right to hold them financially accountable for their actions.

Intersection Collisions

The third most common type of car accident in Nevada is the intersection collision. These types of accidents are usually the most catastrophic and are far more likely to result in fatalities. Collisions at intersections are possible on any type of road, from interstate highways to unpaved rural routes. Some of the likeliest spots for these accidents are at one of five most dangerous intersections in the state according to the Nevada Highway Patrol can be found:

  • Boulder Highway and East Sun Valley Drive – Whitney, NV

  • West Sahara Avenue and South Rainbow Boulevard – Las Vegas, NV

  • South Rainbow Boulevard and West Hacienda Avenue – Spring Valley, NV

  • Nellis Boulevard and Cedar Avenue – Las Vegas, NV

  • South Fort Apache Road and South Desert Inn Road – Las Vegas, NV

If you have been injured in a car accident in Nevada, the Law Office of Kevin R. Hansen has the ability to help you get back on your feet both emotionally and financially. It is essential that after a car accident you contact a personal injury attorney and pay an immediate trip to the emergency room or to your regular physician to get checked out for any injuries. In some cases, an injury is not immediately noticeable. Sometimes it may take hours or even days before you become aware of them. Don’t hurt your potential claim by dragging your feet on necessary procedures!

Do I Need an Attorney After My Car Accident?

A professional, experienced car accident attorney will know all of the ruses and tactics that insurance companies use to get out of paying you what you truly deserve. A qualified car accident attorney from the Law Office of Kevin R. Hansen can build your case from the ground up and fight back against all of those tactics while making sure that your rights stay protected. The Law Office of Kevin R. Hansen has decades of experience going up against insurance companies in the Las Vegas, Nevada area. Hiring a car accident attorney is the best way to determine the value of your case including your hospital bills, the money you paid for prescriptions, physical therapy, and follow-up visits. It can also include other factors such as wages you missed out on because you were unable to work and pain and suffering caused by the car accident.

A Las Vegas car accident attorney will also be able to find any evidence of negligence on the part of the other driver and handle all the paperwork for you. In addition to reviewing all the collected documentation from the police and insurance companies, we can obtain witness statements, access traffic camera footage, and talk to insurance adjusters for you. In addition to this, we can also file the proper paperwork with the proper courts by the necessary deadlines in order to make sure that your claim is not thrown out due to a technicality or some other oversight.

Las Vegas Auto Accident Attorney

If you have been injured in an automobile accident, you can rest assured that the insurance companies have a team of car accident attorneys working to do what is best for them. Don’t you deserve that same kind of care and attention? Reach out to the Law Office of Kevin R. Hansen to handle your case for you while you focus on your recovery. If you are interested in a free consultation with one of our licensed, practicing car accident attorneys, give us a call today. We serve clients in Clark County and Las Vegas, Nevada, as well as the entire state of Nevada, and also San Bernardino, California.