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Las Vegas Swimming Pool Accident Attorney

Injured in a Swimming Pool?

Experienced Pool Accident Lawyer

 Talk to a Swimming Pool Accident Attorney with over 25 years Nevada Law and Trial Experience.  We can tell you if you have a valid Swimming Pool Accident case.

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How We Help with Pool Accidents in Las Vegas

Quick and thorough assessment of your pool accident case.

We will develop a tailored assessment and strategy for your case.

Collecting crucial information from the accident site.

Speaking with eyewitnesses to strengthen your case.

Specialized handling of incidents at high-profile casino pools.

We have handled many Water Park injuries.  We have the experience you need to handle complex cases in water parks with multiple attractions.

Highly experienced negotiating and litigating accidents occurring in hotel pools

We help with injuries that happen at private residential pools.

Dealing directly with insurance companies on your behalf.

Aggressive representation for you in court if your case goes to trial.

Managing all legal documents and filings for you.

We Know Pool Injury Law

If you’re dealing with an accident that happened in a Las Vegas pool area, whether it’s at a busy casino pool, a fun-filled water park, a relaxing hotel pool, or even a private residential pool, our team is here to help. We understand the unique risks each of these settings can pose, from crowded water parks with fast slides and wave pools to luxury casino pools where the environment can be just as lively as the casino floor. We have decades of experience with all types of pool-related incidents, ensuring that no matter where your accident occurred, you have the right support to navigate through the legal process.

man diving into casino pool

Common Causes of Swimming Pool Accidents

Las Vegas Casino Pool

Common Hazards leading to pool Accidents

  • Inadequate Warnings: Absence of clear signs about pool depths or hazards can result in preventable accidents.
  • Lacking Safety Measures: Inadequate lifeguard gear, broken pool alarms, or poorly fenced areas heighten risks.
  • Untrained Staff: Inexperienced lifeguards may fail to enforce safety or respond effectively in emergencies.
  • Faulty Diving Boards: Damaged diving boards can lead to serious injuries.
  • Defective Slides: Slides in disrepair pose significant risks, especially to children.
  • Hazardous Waterparks: Attractions like slides and wave pools can be dangerous if not maintained or supervised.
  • Unsafe Drains: Pool or spa drain entrapments can be fatal, particularly for children or those with long hair.
  • Chemical Hazards: Mismanaged pool chemicals can cause skin and respiratory issues.

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Las Vegas Personal Injury Attorney Kevin R. Hansen with city of Las Vegas background

Founder AND Trial Attorney

Kevin Hansen

Personal Injury Lawyer Kevin R. Hansen is no ordinary injury lawyer. Boasting hundreds of victories in personal injury cases, Kevin is a personal injury lawyer who has earned a reputation for being a tenacious advocate for his clients. 

He’s spent a quarter of a century representing people who’ve been injured due to someone else’s negligence, with a particular focus on accident and negligence injury cases. 



Lead Personal Injury Lawyer Kevin R. Hansen

Injury Attorney

Kevin Hansen

Kevin has spent a quarter of a century representing people who’ve been injured. He is battle tested and trial ready.

injury attorney

Amanda Harmon

Amanda’s attention to detail and thorough case preparation are invaluable assets to our clients. She leaves no stone unturned.

Why Choose The Law Office of Kevin R. Hansen?

The Law Office of Kevin R. Hansen, with over 25 years of experience in personal injury law, is dedicated to supporting Las Vegas residents impacted by pool accidents. Our legal team, led by Kevin R. Hansen and Amanda A. Harmon, offers:

  • Detailed Case Evaluation: We meticulously examine the accident scene, gathering crucial evidence like photos and witness accounts.
  • Expert Consultations: We work with medical experts to evaluate the full impact of injuries.
  • Focused Compensation Efforts: We tirelessly work to obtain compensation for all damages, including medical bills, lost income, and emotional trauma.

Choosing The Law Office of Kevin R. Hansen

Selecting our firm for your pool accident case ensures:


Extensive Legal Expertise

Our attorneys, with decades of experience, handle your case with the utmost skill.


No Fee Till We Win

We’re so confident that we offer a no win-no fee guarantee.


Proven Success

 Our track record of securing significant compensation showcases our dedication to justice.

we are part of the family. all the way through.

When you retain our law firm for your Swimming Pool accident, you become part of the family. Need help with something else?  Our door will always be open to you.

Nevada Law and Swimming Pool Accidents

Swimming Pool Accidents and Premises Liability

Swimming pool accidents fall under the category of premises liability, a legal concept that holds property owners responsible for injuries that occur on their property.

Legal elements in premises liability for Swimming Pool Accidents

Understanding these elements is vital for anyone involved in a swimming pool accident, as they form the basis of a premises liability claim.

Duty of care refers to the property owner’s responsibility to maintain a safe environment. Breach of duty occurs when the owner fails to uphold this safety, perhaps by neglecting pool maintenance or not providing adequate safety measures. Causation links this breach directly to the accident, showing that the owner’s negligence caused the injury. Finally, damages refer to the actual losses suffered by the victim, such as medical bills or lost wages. 

Major Areas of Premises Liability

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No one plans to have an accident. At the Law Office of Kevin R. Hansen, we understand how you can be living your life one minute and dealing with pain and uncertainty the next. We offer a comforting presence when you have sustained injuries in a car wreck or if you have slipped on another person’s property through no fault of your own. Our attorneys vigorously defend your rights if you were involved in a hotel accident. We will review the circumstances of the injury and strive to find the best approach to help you recover.

If you have sustained injuries, contact a personal injury attorney to help you right away. Our law firm has handled high-profile personal injury cases, and we strive to see that you are not stuck paying steep medical costs. Although an accident is a painful and isolating experience, you are not alone with the Law Office of Kevin R. Hansen. Our legal team will work for you immediately and keep you informed at each stage of the legal process. We serve clients in Clark County and Las Vegas, Nevada, as well as the entire state of Nevada, and also San Bernardino, California and the entire state of California. Contact us for a free consultation today.

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We offer Zero-Charge Case Evaluations, and a No-Win, No-Fee guarantee.  Put over 25 years of Personal Injury law experience on your side with the Law Office of Kevin R. Hansen. 

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