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You can rely on our team to build your personal injury case from the ground up. We handle all the necessary legal legwork so that you can focus on your recovery and return to your life. With our knowledge of the legal system in Nevada, we can work alongside you to ensure your rights are protected and you receive all the compensation you deserve. Whether it’s hospital bills, prescription bills, lost wages due to missed work, or the cost of your pain and suffering, you’re entitled to compensation after suffering a personal injury in Nevada.

Experienced Personal Injury Lawyers in Las Vegas

Being injured by the negligence of another person like a car accident can be scary and confusing, but there is no reason for you to navigate the legal pathways of a personal injury case all alone. At the Law Office of Kevin R. Hansen, our qualified, local team of lawyers has over twenty-five years of legal experience handling a variety of personal injury cases.

Our personal injury attorneys are licensed to practice law in both Nevada and California are familiar with the nuances of the law in each state. If you would like to discuss your specific personal injury case with a qualified personal injury attorney in Nevada, call us for a free, no-obligation consultation today.
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Personal Injury Cases

From automobile crashes to a slip and fall at the grocery store, our personal injury attorneys approach each case with diligence and determination. If you have been injured in any of the following accidents our attorneys can help!

Personalized Legal Representation

We go over the details of each case treating you as an individual, not a number. We make it a point to keep you in the loop every step of the way as we work towards recovering what you have lost due to someone else’s negligence.

Accidents in Las Vegas

Las VegasNevada is home to many colorful characters and attracts more than 42 million tourists each year. With all these people, it’s no surprise that Las Vegas also hosts some alarming accident rates for almost every type of accident.

Auto Accidents

In 2017, 305 people died in car accidents throughout Nevada. While the number is down from 2016’s 329 auto accident-related fatalities, the decrease is made up of pedestrian accidents. Almost the same amount of lives that were spared in car accidents were reflected in an upswing in fatal pedestrian-involved accidents. The number of pedestrian deaths climbed from 80 in 2016 to 100 in 2017. City officials attribute this increase to the sheer number of people on foot exploring the city, and the number continues to grow.

Trucking Accidents

Accidents involving tractor-trailers frequently involve catastrophic damage and fatalities. Almost 4,000 people died in accidents involving semi-trucks, 18 wheelers, and tractor-trailers in 2015. Of these 4,000 deaths, only about 600 were the tractor-trailer drivers. The rest were other motorists, their passengers, or pedestrians. Truckers represent the third largest group of motorists on Nevada’s roads after commuters and tourists and can have some of the most catastrophic and lasting impacts when it comes to automobile accidents.

What to Do if You’re Injured in A Las Vegas Casino

Las Vegas Casinos can be sources of fun and entertainment, but they can also be dangerous, and accidents happen all the time. Tourists or locals who have been injured inside of a Las Vegas casino may be entitled to receive compensation if they can prove negligence on the part of the casino. The most common personal injury claims against casinos are slip and fall accidents and food poisoning, but thefts occur far too often. Many tourists carry large amounts of cash on them, making them prime targets for robberies. Casino owners are required to take reasonable measures to ensure the safety of the people who patronize their establishment.

The casino, the employees, the casino’s management, the hotel in which the casino is located, or the casino’s insurance provider can be potentially liable if you are harmed inside of a Las Vegas casino. If you have been hurt during your stay in Las Vegas, the personal injury attorneys at the Law Office of Kevin R. Hansen can help.

Why You Need a Personal Injury Attorney After an Accident

After an accident, no insurance company is truly on your side. The claims adjuster in charge of your insurance case wants to minimize any payout that his employer is required to make. Any insurance company, including your own, is first and foremost a business. Like any other business, it wants to maximize its profits, even if this comes at the expense of you and your family. Answering even the simplest of an adjuster’s questions could potentially place your valid claim in severe jeopardy.

If you have been injured as a result of someone else’s negligence, it is vital that you speak to a qualified personal injury attorney as soon as possible. The insurance company and the person who caused your injuries will do all they can to deny your claim. At the Law Office of Kevin R. Hansen, we know how to handle insurance companies. Leave dealing with this headache to your experienced personal injury attorney, and we’ll make sure that your rights are protected from the start of your claim to the finish.

Statute of Limitations in Nevada

The statute of limitations states how long you have to take legal action before the case is legally thrown out of court. This time limit varies from claim to claim and from state to state. In Nevada, the statute of limitations for some of the more common claims is:

  • Medical malpractice – 3 years

  • Personal injury – 2 years

  • Wrongful death – 2 years

Once the statute of limitations has passed on your claim, it is entirely valid for a judge to throw the case out. To make sure that this does not happen to you, you need to contact the Law Office of Kevin R. Hansen as soon as possible after you have been injured. Don’t delay. The success of your case rests on how quickly you work to defend your rights.

Nevada Personal Injury Attorney

Featured in Instant Lawyers, our decades of experience and thorough knowledge of Nevada law, our team is ready to ensure your rights are defended and protected. If you would like to take advantage of a free consultation with one of our practicing personal injury attorneyscontact the Law Office of Kevin R. Hansen. 

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