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Assault Victim Lawyer in Las Vegas

Fist punch assault and battery

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Las Vegas Assault Victim Lawyers

In the heart of Southern Nevada, victims of assault can rely on the unparalleled expertise and 25 years of personal injury legal experience. At the Law Office of Kevin R. Hansen, our veteran assault victim lawyers stand with you, bringing justice to those who have been harmed. If you are seeking an aggressive yet compassionate personal injury lawyer assault specialist in Las Vegas, you’ve come to the right place. We are battle-tested trial lawyers who stand ready to fight for you.

Trusted Legal Guidance for Victims of Assault

Whether it’s a case of bar fight injuries or aggravated assault, we are here to guide you. Our legal team specializes in:

  • Personal Assault Lawyer Services
  • Fight Injury Legal Assistance
  • Civil Assault and Battery Lawsuits
  • Vehicular Assault Lawsuits

Put over 25 years of personal injury trial and negotiation experience on your side. Call the Law Office of Kevin R. Hansen if you have become injured in an assault or aggravated assault.

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Handling Cases of Assault by Authority Figures in Las Vegas

In situations involving authority figures, it becomes essential to arm yourself with an experienced Las Vegas assault lawyer who knows the nuances of local laws. This can happen on our city streets or in any of the world famous hotels and casinos on the Las Vegas strip.

Our seasoned team, including Kevin R. Hansen and Amanda A. Harmon, can be your greatest allies in the fight against misuse of power.

Slip and fall at a hotel or casino due to pushing

We Get Compensation for Assault Victims

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Lost Wages

An assault can significantly hinder your ability to work, resulting in lost wages. At the Law Office of Kevin R. Hansen, we specialize in securing compensation for the income you’ve lost during this time. 

Medical Expenses

After an assault, victims often find themselves burdened with substantial medical bills. Our expert assault injury lawyers in Las Vegas are focused on ensuring that you are compensated for these damages.

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Pain and Suffering

The trauma from an assault goes beyond physical injuries, often leaving victims with lasting emotional distress. Our experienced personal injury attorneys in Las Vegas understand the depth of pain and suffering you might be going through. 

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Steps to Take Following an Assault on Another’s Premises in Las Vegas like a Hotel or Casino

If you’ve been injured Following an Assault on Another’s Premises, Particularly in Casinos or Hotels in Las Vegas, you should do these things:

  1. Report to the Authorities: Following an assault, especially in high-risk areas such as casinos or hotels in Las Vegas, it is imperative to report the incident to the police immediately. These establishments typically have their own security personnel who should also be notified. They can assist in preserving evidence which might be crucial for your assault lawsuit.

  2. Seek Medical Help: Even if the injuries seem minor, it is essential to get medical help right away. Casinos and hotels usually have medical staff on hand to assist in emergencies. Obtaining a medical report right after the assault will substantiate your personal injury assault claim.

  3. Document the Scene: If possible, document the scene where the assault took place. This might include taking pictures of your injuries, the location, and any potential witnesses. This kind of evidence can be vital in building a robust case, especially when seeking to establish premises liability in places like hotels or casinos in Las Vegas.

  4. Witness Information: Gather contact details of any witnesses who observed the assault. Their testimonials could be invaluable in substantiating your claim. In crowded venues such as casinos, witnesses can offer varying perspectives that strengthen your case.

  5. Consult with a Personal Injury Lawyer Specializing in Assault Cases: After addressing your immediate needs, get in touch with an expert personal injury lawyer who specializes in assault cases in Las Vegas. At the Law Office of Kevin R. Hansen, we are well-versed in handling cases involving premises liability, especially in the context of hotels and casinos, where the circumstances often involve unique complexities.

  6. Preserve Evidence: Try to preserve any evidence you have that might be pertinent to the case, including clothing, personal belongings, or any other items that were involved in the incident. This evidence can be vital in establishing the liability of the premises, particularly in casinos or hotels where there might be unique factors at play.

Remember, in the bustling hotels and casinos of Las Vegas, incidents like these can get complicated quickly. The sooner you start gathering evidence and seeking legal counsel, the stronger your case will be. Our team, led by Kevin R. Hansen and Amanda A. Harmon, stands ready to assist you every step of the way.

Timeline for Filing a Personal Injury Assault Lawsuit in Las Vegas

Don’t wait. In order to secure your rights to compensation you should seek legal advice right away. If you delay, you risk running up against Nevada’s Statute of Limitations which can bar you from filing a lawsuit.y

You might be wondering, “What is the statute of limitations for filing an assault lawsuit in Nevada?” In the state of Nevada, victims generally have two years from the date of the assault to file a personal injury lawsuit. However, it’s crucial to act swiftly. Initiating the process as soon as possible not only preserves vital evidence but can significantly enhance the credibility and effectiveness of your case. Consult with an experienced assault victim lawyer in Las Vegas like Kevin R. Hansen to navigate these legal timelines adeptly.

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Assault Lawsuit FAQs

Your Questions Answered

Absolutely, victims of physical assault in Las Vegas have the right to file a civil lawsuit to seek compensation for their injuries and trauma. This is a separate process from any criminal charges the assailant may face. You would need the assistance of a seasoned assault victim lawyer, like those at the Law Office of Kevin R. Hansen, to guide you through the process.

The amount of money you can sue for in an assault case can vary greatly depending on the specifics of the case. It takes into account various factors including medical expenses, lost wages, and emotional distress. Our experienced lawyers will work tirelessly to secure maximum compensation for your case.

While bar fights can occasionally occur, especially in bustling areas like Las Vegas, the implications can be quite serious. Those involved might face criminal charges, and victims have the right to pursue personal injury claims to address physical and emotional damages. It is vital to consult with an experienced lawyer to navigate the legal ramifications effectively.

In Las Vegas, property defense claims can sometimes be used as a defense in assault cases, usually implying that the property owner was defending their premises during the incident. It is a complex area of law, and our lawyers can provide in-depth analysis and guidance, helping you to build a robust case against such claims or leverage them in your favor.

If your attacker wasn’t arrested by the Las Vegas police, it’s not the end of the road. You still have legal avenues to seek justice. Our team can guide you through the necessary steps to file a civil lawsuit and ensure that you have the best chance of obtaining the justice you deserve.

Absolutely not! At the Law Office of Kevin R. Hansen, we firmly believe that justice should be accessible to everyone. This is why we are proud to offer Zero-Charge Case Reviews and a No-win, No-fee guarantee. You won’t pay a dime to speak with us, and you’ll get legal advice from our decades of experience helping victims just like you.

Contact us now for a free case evaluation.  Get Legal Advice and protect your rights.

We have been helping injury victims in Las Vegas, Nevada for over a quarter-century.  

Don’t delay in seeking justice. If you’ve been a victim of assault in Las Vegas, consult with our skilled team today. We offer free consultations and a no-win, no-fee guarantee, cementing our commitment to helping you secure the justice and compensation you deserve.

At the Law Office of Kevin R. Hansen, we are always here to assist you. Reach out to us, your trusted Las Vegas assault victim lawyers, for an insightful and detailed approach to handling your case.

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