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Injured at your job?

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Talk to a Work Accident Attorney with over 25 years Workers Comp Law and Trial Experience.  We will tell you if you have a valid job injury case.

Let The Law Office of Kevin R. Hansen Take Your Workers Injury Case

Workers’ compensation is a state-mandated insurance program providing benefits to employees with job-related injuries or illnesses. It ensures workers receive necessary medical care and financial support during recovery without proving employer fault.

At The Law Office of Kevin R. Hansen, Kevin, our lead Workers Compensation Lawyer helps you navigate this complex process to secure your rightful benefits.

At The Law Office of Kevin R. Hansen, we understand the challenges you’re facing, and we’re here to help. We know Nevada workers compensation law and can help you.

Personal Injury vs. Workers Compensation

Workers injuries do not require you prove negligence for your claim. However, personal injury claims do.

As we talk, we will analyze your claim in the light of Personal Injury Law. It’s possible you may have a separate and larger claim for your injury and pain.

Shoulder pain from work related injury requiring legal advice from a Las Vegas Workers Compensation Lawyer

Q: Can I claim for an injury that happened off the clock?

A: Yes, you can claim for an off-duty injury if it is work-related. This includes injuries that occur during work-related activities, company events, or while performing tasks at the request of your employer.

Q: Can I claim for an injury that happened near the workplace?

A: Yes, you can claim for an injury near the workplace if it is connected to your work. This includes injuries on your employer’s property, such as parking lots or break areas, even if you are off duty.

Suffered an Injury?

Workers Rights in NV

Workers' Compensation Under Nevada Law: Employee Rights


Right to Medical Treatment: Employees are entitled to all necessary medical care for their work-related injuries or illnesses.

Wage Replacement Benefits: This results in compensation for lost wages if the injury prevents the employee from working.

Permanent Disability Benefits: Compensation if the employee suffers a permanent disability as a result of the injury.

Vocational Rehabilitation: Training and assistance in finding new employment if the employee cannot return to their previous job.

Death Benefits: Financial support for dependents if the employee dies due to a work-related injury.


Choice of Physician: In addition, employees have the right to select their physician from an approved list.

No Retaliation: Protection against employer retaliation for filing a workers’ compensation claim.

Timely Reporting and Filing: Employees must report injuries within 7 days and file a claim within 90 days to ensure benefits.

Dispute Resolution: Access to legal processes for resolving disputes over claims, benefits, and medical treatment.

Legal Representation: Furthermore, you have the right to hire a Workers Compensation Lawyer to assist with claims and disputes.

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We offer Zero-Charge Case Evaluations, and a No-Win, No-Fee guarantee.  Put over 25 years of on-the-job injury law experience on your side with the Law Office of Kevin R. Hansen. 

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Common Issues in Workers’ Compensation

Claim Denials: Often due to disputes over the injury’s work-related nature or pre-existing conditions.

Work-Related Nature: An office worker’s back injury might be denied if the insurer claims it happened outside of work. We gather evidence to prove it’s work-related.

Pre-existing Conditions: A clerk’s claim for a knee injury might be denied, citing a prior sports injury. We demonstrate how the workplace incident aggravated the condition.

Benefit Delays: Delays in receiving medical treatment or wage replacement benefits.

Medical Treatment Delays: A construction worker waiting weeks for surgery approval. Our Workers Compensation Attorney expedites the process to get timely medical care.

Wage Replacement Delays: A restaurant worker struggling financially while waiting for wage benefits. We ensure prompt wage replacement.

Employer Retaliation: Instances where employers retaliate against employees for filing claims, such as through termination or discrimination.

Wrongful Termination: A retail worker being fired after filing a compensation claim. Our Work Accident Lawyer fights for their rights and compensation.

Workplace Harassment: An injured nurse facing hostility from management after filing a claim. We protect against harassment or a hostile work environment.

Employee with Injured lower back from repetitive lifting should discuss injuries with a Las Vegas Workers Compensation Attorney
Worker with injury from falling objects should see Kevin, and experienced Las Vegas Workers Compensation Lawyer

How We Help Injured Workers

When dealing with workers compensation claims in Las Vegas, it’s crucial to get legal advice and professional help. 

Here’s a hot tip: Talk to a lawyer early when you have been injured.

We help you at every step of the claim process:

Claim Filing: Legal assistance can ensure proper and timely filing of claims, avoiding common pitfalls, resulting in a smoother process.

Documentation: We ensure your claim is filed correctly and all documentation is complete, maximizing your chances of approval, immediately improving your result.

Appeals: Lawyers help navigate the appeals process if a claim is denied, presenting evidence and arguing on the worker’s behalf.

Evidence Collection: We gather all necessary evidence, such as medical records and witness statements, to support your appeal.

Negotiation: We negotiate with insurance companies to secure fair settlements for medical expenses, lost wages, and other damages, ensuring maximum compensation for your injury.

Settlement Negotiation: Our Workers Comp Attorney negotiates aggressively with insurers to ensure you receive a fair settlement.

Representation: Providing representation in hearings and court if necessary. Because of this, you can focus on healing and recovery while we fight for you.

Workers Comp Lawsuit: If needed, we represent you in court, fighting for your rights and ensuring you get the compensation you deserve.

Suffered an Injury?

Why Choose The Law Office of Kevin R. Hansen?

Local Expertise: Extensive knowledge of Nevada’s workers’ compensation laws helps us better represent you.

Experience: Over 25 years of handling personal injury and workers’ compensation cases ensures skilled advocacy, resulting in maximum compensation for damages.

Client-Focused Approach: Our free consultations and no-win, no-fee guarantee mean you can pursue your claim without financial risk. 

Aggressive Representation: Kevin Hansen and Amanda Harmon are dedicated to securing maximum compensation for clients, fighting tirelessly for your rights, as well as aggressively pursuing damages recovery.

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Why Do You Need a Workers Comp Attorney?

Simply put, the reality is that we cannot stress enough the importance of having an attorney when dealing with the Nevada Workers Comp insurance companies.

The employers and workers comp adjusters hope you handle your own claim. Subsequently, they control the outcome.

An experienced job injury attorney can provide several key advantages, such as:
  • Objective Fault Assessment: We at the Law Office of Kevin R. Hansen can help assess the situation objectively and determine the true extent of fault, countering any biased assessments by workers compensation representatives and employers.
  • Expertise in Negotiations: We are experienced in negotiating with Workmans Comp. Consequently, we understand the tactics they may use and are skilled in countering them to ensure fair treatment for our clients.
  • Maximizing Compensation: We have quarter-century of Nevada Workers Compensation litigation experience. Because of this, we are will ensure that our clients receive the maximum possible compensation for their damages and losses.
  • Court Representation: If negotiations fail, we have decades of trial experience and can represent your interests in court, presenting a strong case backed by evidence and 25 years of legal expertise.



Lead Personal Injury Lawyer Kevin R. Hansen

Lead Trial Attorney

Kevin Hansen

Kevin has spent over a quarter century representing people who’ve been injured in work accidents in Nevada. He is battle tested and trial ready. 

Top 100 trial lawyer badge award for top personal injury lawyer

injury attorney

Amanda Harmon

Amanda’s attention to detail and thorough case preparation are invaluable assets to our clients. She leaves no stone unturned.

Top 40 trial lawyer award

Steps to Take if Injured at Work

X ray showing broken collar bone. Broken bones are an injury that should be reviewed by a Workers Compensation Attorney in Las Vegas

Report the Injury: As soon as possible, notify your employer about the injury.

Timely Reporting: Ultimately, prompt reporting helps avoid claim denial and ensures your case is documented correctly.

Seek Medical Attention: Following this, seek medical treatment and keep detailed records.

Medical Records: Next, retain and collect documents for treatments and prescriptions in support of your claim.

File a Claim: Furthermore, Submit a workers’ compensation claim promptly with all required documentation.

Complete Documentation: We help you compile and submit all relevant documents, from incident reports to medical records.

Speak With Kevin: Most importantly, seek legal advice to understand your rights and ensure proper handling of your case. Immediately call Kevin.

Get Legal Guidance: Our Workers Compensation Lawyer provides expert advice on your best course of action, protecting your interests every step of the way.

Las Vegas Accident - Injury
Case Results

Product Liability – $5.2 Million

Motor-Vehicle Accident – $1.2 Million

Grocery Store Slip & Fall – $1.4 Million

Casino Slip & Fall – $1.4 Million

Sexual Assault – $1.34 Million

Motor Vehicle Crash – $1.4 Million

Wrongful Death – $5 Million

Got Questions About a Work Related Accident in Nevada? Let’s Talk!

If you or someone you care about has been injured at work, our expert team is here to help. 

Contact us now for a free consultation and get the legal advice and support you need to get the maximum compensation for your damages.

Kevin R. Hansen and Amanda A. Harmon, experienced attorneys at The Law Office of Kevin R. Hansen.
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