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Factors that Determine the Severity of Auto Accident Injuries

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Some people are lucky enough to walk out of bad accidents with minor injuries. Others suffer extreme injuries from relatively minor accidents. Below are some factors that affect the severity of auto accident injuries. If you’ve been injured in an auto accident, contact a personal injury attorney. At the law office of Kevin R. Hansen, we’ve been helping injured victims of auto accidents for over 25 years. We don’t charge any fee to talk to us about your case, and there’s no fee if we don’t win.

Table of Contents

Sitting Position

Your position in the car determines how much force your body experiences in a crash. The rear middle seat (second row) is the safest in a passenger car. A passenger in this seat is even safer if they use relevant restraints, such as seat belts or baby seats. Thus, this position is likely best for vulnerable passengers, such as elderly persons and infants.

Sitting Posture

Your sitting position also affects your susceptibility to injuries. The safest sitting position is where:

  • You are upright

  • Your feet are on the floor

  • Your back is against the seat

The car’s safety systems, such as the seatbelt and airbag, will give you the best protection in that position.

Safety Devices

Safety devices, such as seatbelts, baby seats, and booster seats, improve car occupant safety. For example, the impact of a crash can throw you out of the car if you have not fastened a seatbelt. You can suffer other injuries once you are out of the car – for example, other automobiles can hit you again. Always use safety devices and restrains when in a car.

Car Speed

The impact of a collision determines the damages and injuries. The impact is directly proportional to the weight and speed of the car. Thus, commercial trucks and other large vehicles cause more damage and injuries than relatively smaller cars.

Car Type

The type of car, including make and model, affects how it behaves in a crash:

  • Big cars cause more injuries and damages due to their weight.

  • Some cars have safety features, such as automatic brakes, that reduce speed just before impact.

  • Some cars come with bigger and safer crumple zones that protect occupants.

  • Some cars use safer designs and materials.

Players in the automotive industry, such as the government and insurance companies, understand these issues. They use their understanding to rate cars in terms of safety. You can use the ratings to shop for safe cars.


In addition to the above, accidents involving vehicles with dangerous cargo also often result in more injuries. Examples of dangerous cargo include:

  • Chemicals that can cause burns, such as acids

  • Flammable or explosive substances, such as fireworks

  • Sharp or pointed objects, such as construction materials

The cargo might cause additional injuries other than those the crash might cause. For example, if you collide with a truck ferrying explosives, you might suffer burn injuries in addition to those of the impact.

Preexisting Conditions

Lastly, preexisting medical conditions also affect your level of injury. For example:

  • Osteoporosis (a medical condition characterized by weak bones) increases your risk of bone fractures

  • Diabetes may affect your rate of recovery, especially wound healing

  • Existing brain injuries, such as concussions, increases your risk of severe brain injuries

  • Bone fractures that haven’t healed increase your risk of complex fractures

The defendant cannot use your frailty to deny your damages. The eggshell doctrine entitles you to compensation irrespective of your preexisting injuries.

Hopefully, you will not fall victim to an auto accident. In case of an accident, know that your compensation should be proportional to the severity of your injuries. The Law Office of Kevin R. Hansen has their sources and experience to pursue your damages. Contact us for a free initial consultation to review your case and start the claim process. We look forward to helping you during this critical and stressful time. Let us know how we can help you today.

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